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About GCIS Ltd

General Contractors Inspection Service

GCIS is a building inspection firm specializing in building condition, construction and preservation. GCIS was founded in 1977, as the concept of Home Inspection was just emerging. At that time, it was rare for someone to hire a professional whose sole mission was to provide an unbiased evaluation of a property. Prior to that, buyers typically relied upon a contractor or friend with a little construction experience to help them avoid costly missteps, occasionally overlooking significant deficiencies that an experienced inspector would have pointed out. Inspection is what we do, and that's all we do.

Our clients not only include prospective homebuyers, but also home-owners, individuals involved in investment property, non-profit agencies, condominium associations, attorneys and public agencies. Experienced real estate professionals know the value of having an unbiased third party assist them in understanding their building requirements.

Purchasing property is a large investment. It requires information and planning. GCIS develops detailed, understandable reports that clients are able to use to their benefit. The added insight that we provide is an invaluable asset to your investment. We minimize the jargon and boilerplate in our reports, making it easier to find the information that is relevant to your needs.


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